China Macau
Digital Assets Managment Association

We are the institution responsible for contributing to society by giving top priority to the sound development of the cryptocurrency and user safety related to the cryptocurrency and donating a part of revenue to global problems.

Our Features

We will contribute to the health and prosperity of the cryptocurrency with four principles.


This association is the institution which makes the safety of users related to virtual currency the foremost as a sound transaction of virtual currency and a strict examination period in ICO.


The association is an agency that strictly observes strict compliance by carefully selecting association members from government officials, United Nations directors, major trading companies and cultural people.


The Association supports the sound development of the cryptocurrency and constantly cooperates with association members and excludes those who do not comply with compliance.

Social contributions

A part of the licensing fee of this association is an organization that donates to the world problems such as the United Nations and contributes to the world.


License is that the China Macau Digital Assets Managment Association officially licenses and grants licensing permission in the "exchange", "sales office" and "exchange office" of the virtual currency concerning the business in the cryptocurrency and the virtual currency , And hereby stipulate compliance with this association's compliance and periodic business report to the head office of this association.

No.100081 China Macau Digital Assets Managment Association Chairperson Mr.Qin Gang

Our activities

Due diligence

due diligence to the License Applicant to the Association, support and monitoring for sound management.


training for block chain engineers in Asia for the development of the Cryptocurrency industry Attraction of schools and support for establishment.


Legal survey with royers around the world and arousal to the industry.

Support for UN activities

Support for global problems by donating to UN activities, field visit.


business collaboration with banks and various financial institutions.

What is milness?

Contribution to the development of Cryptocurrency and collaboration with government-affiliated Cryptocurrency associations in each country.

Key Persons

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